New patent: hat sunglasses3

New patent: hat sunglasses

  1.Lens gray / brown two color optional lenses and face completely non-contact, no temples design, lifting ears bondage, innovative and lightweight, allowing you to wear both popular and taste.

   2. Lens in line with anti-UV (UV400) Sunglasses testing standards, can be completely filtered sun's ultraviolet (UVA UVB), reduce damage to the eyes.

New patent: hat sunglasses

New patent: hat sunglasses

New patent: hat sunglasses Eliminate essentially potentially harmful UV rays It can pass EN standard, all of them were uv 400 protection.. Extremely Bright Light

1. Patented foldable curved hook design, Suitable for outdoor activities, Prevent from wind and sand, biking, hiking, golf, baseball and softball, super practical and beautiful light without the burden of wearing glasses are also very suitable to use