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Brand Golf Ball

Brand Golf Ball
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LeonGolf TITANIUM 2-Piece

LeonGolf TITANIUM 2-Piece Titanium

LeonGolf TITANIUM 2-Piece Titanium features a 2-piece construction, with a high-energyTitanium-mix core allowing maximum energy transfer at impact, for greater flight distance. A Lithium Surlyn cover ensures long life and great playability.

Golf Ball :LeonGolf V Power 3-Piece Golf ball

LeonGolf V Power 3-Piece Golf ball

One of the most technologically advanced golf balls ever designed,
LeonGolf V Power tilizes a solid, three-piece construction and features a shear-resistant elastic Surlyn blended cover. High-velocity solid center is designed for extra distance and maximum velocity. Pro-dimple pattern cover minimizes drag, increases lift, resulting in a high, straight trajectory off the tee and gives golfer incredible spin, longer distance, drop and stop performance onto greens.
Conforms with U.S.G.A.rules.and R&A rules.